Guide in Buying Wet Or Dry Vacuum Cleaners

Are you tired of cleaning hefty messes at home? Sometimes, even a regular hoover is not enough to help you eureka forbes super clean vacuum cleaner clean those debris and dirt like liquid spills, pet cover, garden mulch, sawdust, and more. If you need a vacuum that can draw up anything, then it is time to invest in a wet/dry vacuum.

Check out the rest of this article for tips on getting the best wet/dry cleaning machine that sucks up dirt quickly, privately and completely.

Capacity and Power

The energy of the motor and the capacity of the fish tank are major clues of how the vacuum suits your cleaning needs. Wet/dry floor cleaners come in various sizes and horsepower (HP), ranging from 6-22 gallons and 1. 5 : 10. 5 HP.

For light-duty tasks such as cleaning up liquid spills, wall-mounted cleaners with 1. 5 HP and 1gallon fish tank will do. This is also wall-mountable, you can hang this machine on the wall if you are not likely to use it. Small mobile units are ideal for car and small spaces.

For medium-duty jobs, the medium range vacs that run from 8-14 gallons and 5-6 HP are of help and can be used in the house, company, garage, garden, and more. This type has a great suction mechanism and can pick up everything from fine dust to larger debris.

Heavy-duty applications that want intense cleaning require models with 6 horsepower or more and a capacity of 14-18 gallons. These models are recommended for mechanical workshops where larger spills occur and industrial cleaning is required.


It is also important to consider the features and parts that have the unit that you are going to purchase.

  1. Filtration system. The filter mousetraps dirt and dust preventing them from being exhausted back in the air. If you have allergies or asthma, look for a unit with HEPA filter because it can trap 99% of dust, pollens, and other allergens. Some filtration system have microbial treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria and other harmful substances that can get into the air.
  2. Noise Level. Older models are raucous that you even need an ear protection while running the device. However, new models have introduced more quiet operation without sacrificing suction power. Always start a test by yourself to check its noise level.
  3. Hose-pipe Size. This type of hoover with larger hose-pipe has a faster pick-up speed. Narrow hoses can pick up small amounts of dirt and will only stretch the cleaning process.